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Parent / Child / Sibling Visas

As a US Citizen you File for Parents, Children, and Siblings Overseas.

Green Card Holders Can File for Children and Spouses 

Typically Takes 8-10 Months for Citizens, About 2 Years for Green Card Holders

Children Over 21 and/or Married Take Longer. Siblings Take Much Longer

This process is very similar to that of a spousal / marriage visa.

The main advantage to this process is that when your parent, child, or sibling arrives in the US, they automatically become Green Card holders.

There is no need to file additional paperwork with the government to be a permanent resident.

Each situation is unique here and times vary widely depending on whether you are a citizen or permanent resident.

To understand the times and costs involved with your situation, we will need to speak with you.

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How Long Does it Take & How Much Does it Cost?

Each country is different, and each family member's relational status varies the time from months to many years from the time of initial filing to the time of final approval at the US embassy. 

With regards to cost, the government / medical fees total about $1200 depending on the situation. This cost is spread out over the 6 months or so. Our fee starts at $1295 depending on the circumstances of the case and how many family members will be immigrating to the USA.

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