Green Card Lawyer

How Do You Qualify for a Green Card?

After Marriage to a US Citizen on a Fiance Visa / Other Valid Visa 

Typically Takes 4-6 Months

Many of our clients are interested in obtaining a Green Card for a loved one. We can help in most situations with what the government refers to as Adjustment of Status.

If you are a US Citizen and your fiance came to the USA with a fiance visa, or if your spouse/fiancé is here or another visa (student, visitor, work etc...), then the Adjustment of Status option is appropriate.

This Adjustment of Status process is what is required to go from being a visa holder to obtaining a 'Green Card' or Permanent Residency.

Once obtained, your 'Green Card" spouse can work, travel in and out of the USA, and begin his or her life here.

The initial card is typically valid for 2 years.

In some cases a similar process can be used to keep a parent on a valid visa here as well. To learn more and discuss your options, feel free to ask.

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