Marriage Visa Lawyer

What is a Marriage Visa?

A 'Marriage Visa' is a visa that allows the spouse of an American Citizen to travel to the USA and receive Permanent Residency / Green Card.

Both parties must meet the minimum qualifications for this immigration benefit. If both the US Citizen and the Foreign Citizen are eligible, we can help you apply for a 'Marriage Visa'.

If your fiance or spouse is already in the United States legally, there may be other options to keep them in the country.

Each case is unique, so let us help you to decide which is the best course of action. 

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Do I Qualify for a Marriage Visa?

Are You a Law-Abiding US Citizen?

Are You Married or Planning to Marry a Foreign Citizen?

Has Your Spouse Obeyed US Immigration Laws?

Can You Support Your Fiance(e) in the USA?

If you think you meet the above qualifications, let's confirm the details.

The government is very unforgiving about not only the official forms, but the multitude of supporting documentation required to be successful.

How Long Does it Take & How Much Does it Cost?

Each country is different, but as a general consideration, most petitions have been taking about 8-10 months from the time of initial filing to the time of final approval at the US embassy. It is often faster for those in our armed forces.

With regards to cost, the government / medical fees total about $1100 depending on the country. This cost is spread out over the first 6 months or so. Our fee starts at $1495 depending on the circumstances of the case and how many family members will be immigrating to the USA.

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